Colombia is a country located at the northern end of South America with diverse landscapes composed of tropical forests, Andean mountains, coffee plantations and Caribbean beaches. Here you can do all kinds of activities such as visiting the famous restaurants and shops of the Zona Rosa district of Bogotá; or be dazzled by the colorful and historic Cartagena, with its walled colonial Old Town, a sixteenth century castle and nearby coral reefs for those who love water activities.

Live a unique experience, enjoying the joy and hospitality of its inhabitants who will be your best allies as you venture out to discover the wonderful gastronomic heritage of this land; or learn the Caribbean rhythms such as salsa and cumbia, which characterize the South American country.

Dare to know the beautiful destinations that Colombia has prepared for you and fall in love with its streets, its history, its traditions, its rhythms and its people. Come to Colombia and participate to the best ecotourism experiences and activities. Our online travel agency will be pleased to help you organise your trip to this wonderfull country.