Cotopaxi aventura experiencias tours y actividades en Ecuador

Ecuador tours experiences activities

In ecuador there’s a lot of possibilities for having fun with tours experiences and many other activities.

Ecuador, a rich and eventful history

The history of Ecuador, like many other South American countries, is eventful. From its Inca origins to a conquest by the Spanish Conquistadors and since the beginning of the 19th century trough a democratic period marked by very high political instability. And also three short periods of military dictatorships. Travelling today in Ecuador allows you to discover the traces left by these eras, as well as the natural riches that the country possesses: mountains, volcanoes, fauna and flora. You can discover this richnes tough our many adventure experiences, tors and activities.

Quito, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

For once, the capital Quito is not the largest city in Ecuador; it is Guayaquil, a port city. Nevertheless, Quito has a lot to offer in addition to being home to the majority of travelers who arrive in Ecuador thanks to its international airport and daily flights from Europe. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its location in the heart of the Andes Mountains offers breathtaking views.

Visit the colonial quarter of Quito

On the visiting side, in Quito, we can start with the colonial Quito and its historical district inhabited by the Amazonian Indians. To learn more about the history of the country, we recommend a visit to the Colonial Museum. As in all countries colonized by the Spanish conquistadors between the 15th and 17th centuries, the Catholic religion was imported and many churches were built such as those of San Francisco, Santo Domingo or San Augustin. A must see! Ask your tour operator for Ecuador tours experiences and activities.

Cheap hotels and accommodation in Ecuador

Quito also has a modern side with hotels of good standing. However, be wary during festive periods. Accommodation in Quito or Ecuador in general is becoming more complicated and cheap rooms available at the last minute are becoming scarce. In the other hand, you can count on a lot of small restaurants and shops. You can taste local specialties based on rice, vegetables and meat (often poultry) for example. Don’t hesitate inquering your hotel manager about Ecuador tours experiences and activities.