Gordes is a small, picturesque village that you can tour without difficulty in a morning. It is a beautiful town full of history, surprises and discoveries, which thanks to its favorable location can be used as a starting point to explore the wonders of French Provence or enjoy the tranquility and colorful streets when you want to take some time to relax.

It is the typical medieval village, built of clear and uniform stone, which gives it a rustic, old and welcoming appearance, with elevated and fortified structures that have managed to preserve their essence over the years, giving its visitors a wonderful picture of postcard that seems to be stopped in time.

Touring around the streets of Gordes is like traveling back in time and taking a walk around the history enclosed in every corner. Sharing with the locals, you will learn that its medieval streets are called calades and that they currently house a wide variety of restaurants and museums that have remained as a testimony of the passing of different renowned artists such as Chagall, who made this town their inspiration or their home at some point.

Featured places of Gordes

Gordes is a picturesque village in French Provence that stands in a landscape full of valleys and mountains, where its austere structures are exquisitely combined with the historical air that surrounds its streets, making you think of adventures, medieval knights and legends of ancient times. Enjoy exhibitions of contemporary artists at the Trapiezo art gallery or shop at the local market where you will find products that are the pride of the city.

During your stay in this beautiful enclave you should visit the Castle and the Church of San Fermín, and then go into the labyrinthine streets (calades) that overlook the cliff.

Gordes Castle

One of the most striking tourist attractions is Gordes Castle, a monumental medieval fortress that has stood since ancient times in the heart of this small town. The historical records place its construction in the middle of the 16th century and although it has had restorations, it still remains as a testimony of past times.

Church of San Fermín

The other great attraction of this medieval town is its church, built in honour of its patron saint, Saint Fermin. Over the centuries it has been modified, but it still retains the charm of Romanesque times, which allows you to appreciate in its structure the ancient touches of the spiritual aura that will surely captivate you.   

Luberón National Park

The streets (calades) and viewpoints. An added value that Gordes has for its visitors is the impressive view of the Luberón National Park, which you can appreciate from every corner of this beautiful town. Furthermore, a tour around the medieval coves or streets and its cobbled slopes is an invitation to travel back in time to discover all kinds of surprises.