Uganda is one of the best kept secrets the African continent has to offer. Situated between the ramifications of the Great Rift Valley, the Great Lakes region and the southern border around the northern shore of Lake Victoria, this incredible nation offers its visitors the wilderness postcard you’ve surely seen in documentaries that distinguishes East Africa. Full of charm and color, the so-called Pearl of Africa is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations for its unforgettable experiences of direct contact with nature, which represent an adventure for lovers of wild animals and captivating outdoor landscapes.

The quality of its varied landscapes offers the tourist a unique attraction that is expressed in the impressive wealth of animal and plant life, which can be appreciated in any of the national parks and protected areas that this beautiful country has. You will also have the opportunity to interact first hand with the local culture and get to know Uganda through the experiences and warmth of its different ethnic communities and tribes.

You can practice bungee jumping and rafting, make excursions to rivers and lakes or make safaris while you go into the spectacular scenery of some of its national parks such as Murchison Falls and the Queen Elizabeth. You can also enjoy other natural attractions such as the Rowenzoril Mountains, Lake Victoria and the Kibale Forest. Let Uganda surprise you with the best of African wildlife in freedom and the warmth of its people.