Urugay authentic travel

Urugay authentic travel, lets go !

Uruguay is located in the eastern part of South America. It is the second smallest country in the region and is extremely rich in natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions that captivate all who visit it.

This beautiful country offers coasts adorned by the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio de la Plata. It also has world-renowned seaside resorts among which Punta del Este stands out. A world famous beach known for its vibrant dynamism and the amount of sports and recreational activities. So, visitor can enjoy them as an Urugayan authentic travel.

The hot spring resorts is located in the Departments of Salto and Paysandú. Make up a dream landscape including Termas de Daymán, Termas de Salto Grande and Termas de Arapey. Wich are in other words places full of magic where the waters have warm temperatures and medicinal properties.

Discover Uruguay’s historical heritage by taking a tour around the beautiful Colonia de Sacramento. In addition its magnificent historical center was declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Come and feel the energy and dynamism of the city of Montevideo, where you will have a wide variety of activities to do.

Let yourself be surprised by the friendliness of its people, while you integrate into Uruguay’s rural life by horseback riding, hiking and excursions. If geting in touch with nature and disconnecting from the pressures of daily life is what you’re looking for. Come to Uruguay to live extraordinary moments that you will never forget.

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